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Is KP Astrology Accurate?  Not necessarily!

Historically, astrologers take pride in saying "I practice KP Astrology". When we travelled to the root, we can find the reason for that. It started from Mr. Krishnamurti who single handedly launched the most complex system available in astrological world and most importantly, defended his system successfully during his time against the traditional systems.

Accuracy, is said to be the base for the KP System and his announcement to the world that events could be predicted upto the level of minutes-seconds caught the attention of many.

Drafting a chart in KP System manually is not easy even today. It requires greater concentration. Planet positioning should come with its Sub lord. Housing system is not a simple one like Sripati or Equal, but a mathematically complex model called Placidus. There was not a statement by the founder on why Placidus system was adapted for KP Astrology.

For an astrologer who practices KP Astrology would very well be in trouble in acquring materials for the above. Unlike traditional astrology, those details are not found in one place. Mr. Krishnamurity during his time used the Raphael's Tables of Houses & ephemeris as it was the one incorporated the Placidus system for Houses. Right after his time, on behalf of Krishnamurti Paddathi, his son-in-law Prof. Balasundaram published the Universal Table of Houses in 1975. In the early 1980 Founder's son Mr. K. Hariharan started the Krishnamurti Padhdhati Stellar Astrological Research Institute, continued to publish the Universal Table of Houses and other KP books. In the year 1986, Founder's other son Mr. K. Subramaniam branched out his own business and started publishing KP Ephemeris and Krishman's Table of Houses. As of today, both branches produce materials necessary for KP Astrologers.

KP System was not benchmarked until the availability of the internet to the general public. For several decades, the recommendations from the Headquarters are followed as laws of KP System.

As the number of astrologers practicing KP System are increasing, the materials, reviews, research reports are also increasingly made available in the internet, on the other side, giving everyone an opportunity to check the validity of the materials, trying to fix the dissonnances, confront theories that do not make sense.

Now, an important question is to be answered. Are the materials available for, or recommended by, or used by KP Astrologer Community enough to produce the accuracy as they claim for more than 60 years? Let us briefly look at some elements.

What does the so called Accuracy mean?
Krishnamurti System is based on the Star Lord / Sub Lord / Sub Sub Lord divisions. The divisions can go any number of levels down as long as the computations are possible.

For example, let us consider the Moon star in Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn. A planet which is positioned in the following degree range is said to be occupied in the given Star Lord / Sub Lord / Sub Sub Lord.

11:03:20 - 11:06:40 - Mo / Mo / Su
11:06:41 - 11:09:23 - Mo / Ma / Ma

So the calculations should be accurate to find the positions without error. If the Planet or House Cusp falls at 11:06:40, then its sub lord is Moon. If it is in 11:06:41, then it's sublord becomes Mars.

For a Virgo ascendent, Moon is the 11 the lord and Mars is the lord of 3 and 8. For the Lagna Cuspal Sublord, the 1 second difference will cause a change in the signification from 11th house to 3 & 8th houses. It could bring a chaos in prediction.

The borderline cases are also applicable in traditional astrology, but the occurances are minimal and only in star levels. As KP System goes in depth into the stars and divides it into sub divisions, the chances of failure are also more.

That's being said, our tools must be in razor sharp accuracy, correct? Sorry, To make our life difficult, there are more slippary slopes.

Issue #1: Accurate KP Ayanamsa

Without any doubt, the first bullet to be shot is on the Ayanamsa. The founder claims that his ayanamsa is scientifically driven using the Newcomb precession rate. Let us briefly take a look at the ayanamsas available for a KP Astrologer in market as of today.

By the founder
Founder has prepared a list of ayanamsas for a given number of years, upto 2001 in his book KP Reader Vol. 1 (Please read the Ayanamsa article). Till his time, there wasn't a talk or discussion seriously on his propsed list. People believed and used what the founder listed in his book. Ofcourse, we understand that there was not enough help for them. He inisisted that his list must be used for charts drafted in KP Astrology. For subsequent years (beyond 2001 AD), the precession value of 50.2388475 seconds to be added every year.

Krishman's KP Ephemeris
This is a series released by Mr. K. Subramaniam son of Mr. K. S. Krishnamurti through his publication Krishman & Co, Chennai. When they approached 2000, they were demanded to create a formula to arrive the KP Ayanamsa Values for years greater than 2001. In KP Year Book 2003, Mr. K. Balachandran in his article "In Defence of KP Ayanamsa based on M. G. G. Nair's article May 1980 in A & A" defined the formula for arriving KP Ayanamsa values between 1900 and 2050. Mr. K. Subramaniam advocated the community to use the new ayanamsa list produced using Mr. K. Balachandran's formula and declared that all other old formule were retired from usage. The new list is also publised in Krishman's KP Ephemeris 2011 - 2020 edition. We assume that the same ayanamsa values are used in preparing the Krishman's KP Ephemeris.

Krishman's Table of Houses
This is a book released by Mr. K. Subramaniam son of Mr. K. S. Krishnamurti through his publication Krishnam & Co, Chennai. For everyone's surprise the fifth edition of Krishman's Table of Houses published in 2012 carries an ayanamsa list that does not match the list advocated by the Editor. This book advises the user with the list that starts with an ayanamsa value for 1900 as 22-21-50 and every subsequent year is added with a constant of 50 seconds. Unfortunately, it is conflicting with not only the founder's proposed rate of precession value of 50.2388475 seconds but also with its own Editor's proposal. Anyone uses this list could see the fact that every 4 years and 2 months a second is lost.

Universal Table of Houses
This is a book released by Mr. K. Hariharan son of Mr. K. S. Krishnamurti through his company Krishnamurthi Publications, Chennai. The recent edition of Universal Table of Houses throws a different controversy. There are two ayanamsa lists given in this book. In Table - X, the ayanamsa list starts with an ayanamsa value for 1900 as 22-28-10.1535 and every every subsequent year is added with a constant of 50+fraction seconds. Though it states that the ayanamsa values listed are for 15th of April, the two Table of Houses using similar yearly increment differ around 6 minutes in 1900. And the next page, Table - XA, the ayanamsa list proposed by the founder in his KP Reader Vol 1 is printed with a title "According to Krishnamurti".

There are few others too tried their own ayanamsa formula for KP System also.

S.P. Khullar Ayanamsa
This is actually called as KP Straight Line Ayanamsa by some scholars!
AyanKP = (50.2388475/3600)*((YR-292)+(261/365)+(((MN-1)*30+DY)/365))
YR stands for year
MN stands for Month
DY stands for Day

KP Straight Line Ayaamsa (KPSTLA)
This was proposed by M.C.Khare in 1978 as a simple formula. The reason for this proposal is not the scope of this article.
KPSTLA = T*P/3600
T = Year for calculation - 291 (zero ayanamsa year for KP Ayanamsa)
P = Newcomb’s annual precession rate = 50.2388475 sec (for KP Ayanamsa)
Note: For T as a fractional/decimal year taking days between required date and 15th April, it gives up to date ayanamsa value.

Swiss Ephemeris (1.Epoch 1900 / 2.Epoch 291)
Swiss Ephemeirs is the best open source software available in the market and it is the core of many softwares available in the market. As the calculation of planetary positions is a very complex process, softwares incorporates Swiss Ephemeris data into their products. Because, it was already proven that the Ephemeris data is more accurate than the traditional formule.

  • Their standard implementation of Krishnamurti Ayanamsa was based on the recommendation from a western astrologer Robert Hand using the initial epoch set on 1900.
  • After seeing convincing evidences from the research report of Mr. D. Senthilathiban, a second implementation of Krishnamurity Ayanamsa is added using the initial epoch set on 291 AD. Please read the Ayanamsa article.

The Accurate (!!!) KP Ayanamsas for the date 15-04-2020
Founder Obsolete
KP Ephemeris 24-03-00
Table of Houses 24-01-00
Universal Table of Houses 24-08-42.5
SP.Khullar 24-07-53
Straight Line 24-08-43
Swiss Ephemeris (KP/Epoch 1900) 24-02-19
Swiss Ephemeris (KP/Epoch 291) 24-03-31

When the 1 second difference would cause a change in the signification from 11th house to 8th house, the available KP ayanamsas differ within themselves between 31 and 262 seconds.

Issue #2: Birth Time Rectification

BTR is a process of adjusting the birth time up or down to make a link directly or indirectly between ascendent cusp Star / Sub / Sub-Sub lords with the Moon's.

The "KP Readers 6 volumes" available in the market at this time are to be considered as a super set of KP System along with the original writings of the founder Mr. K. S. Krishnamurti. And there are details about Birth Time Rectification (BTR) here and there. There are many came up with different procedures to be applied. Eminent astrologers in the likes of Mr. Mohan, Mr. T. K. Gopal, Mr. Andrew Dutta, Mr. V. Shanmugam, Mr. Durai Mathivanan, Mr. V. Subramanian proposed different solutions. But no one agrees on the same rule.

The original 2 volumes of KP Reader back in the founder's time are not available in market. But a print from the publisher Modern Astrological Research Institute is available and it appears to be published slightly after the founder's time and reflect the original writings of Mr. K. S. Krishnamurti. In that book, the founder addressed this Birth Time Rectification as a separate topic.

Page no 401, titled "Rectificatin of Birth Time" states as follows...
When one is doubtful about his exact time of birth, but says that it may be around 15 minutes this way or that, is there any method by which one can find out the exact moment of birth?
I shall give some of the methods which are available. How far you can rely on them, is left entirely to you, to the readers and to the research scholars.

Then He went on explaining around 4 different methods. The first method is to link moon's stellar position and it appears that the method of linking the ascendent to the moon as described above is probably a refined process of it.

The birth time rectification is indeed a very skeptical process. The founder himself opened the topic only for who did not know the birth time. But nowadays, it becomes a custom that BTR has to be applied on every KP Chart.

Issue #3: Sub Lord of the House Cusp

Birth time can not be accurate to the second in most of the cases unless a person deployed specifically to mark it. Even then, the event that decides the birth time is not fixed or defined properly in the astrological texts. Is it the head comes out?, is it the time when the umbilical is cut?, is it the time when the baby takes its first breath?, is it the time when the baby cries?, as of now, it is the doctor who decides the birth time. And the assessment is guaranteed more or less to a level of a minute, which is sufficient for the medical reports.

Does the 1 minute difference make any issues in KP astrology charts?
Yes. Border line cases within a Zodiac sign would be lot more in KP charts than traditional charts, because of the incorporation of the sub lord and sub-sub lords. For example, using Swiss Ephemeris latest implementation of Krishnamurti-Senthilathiban ayanamsa for the following two cases

Case 1:
Date and Time of Birth: 07-12-2020 01:25:00 (+05.30), Chennai, TN, India, Long: E 080.17, Lat: N 13.04, Ayanamsa (True): 24.04.04 Lag Cusp falls at 10.58.11 in Virgo which is Mo / Mo / Ve. The Sub Lord is Moon.

Case 2: (1 Mintue increase)
Date and Time of Birth: 07-12-2020 01:26:00 (+05.30), Chennai, TN, India, Long: E 080.17, Lat: N 13.04, Ayanamsa (True): 24.04.04 Lag Cusp falls at 11.13.04 in Virgo which is Mo / Ma / Ra. The Sub Lord is Mars.

Issue #4: Longitude and Latitude

Besides issues with the time, there are issues with the Longitude and Latitude also. A city like Chennai, India occupies 00.10.00 in latitude and lonigutde. It should also make a difference in cuspal positions. Softwares or printed materials give only a rough Longitude and Latitude. Unless the astrolger fix the exact birth location on a map and calculate the longitude and latitude, the accuracy of the cuspal points of the houses are not in accetable level.


1. Founder Krishnamurti proved his "theory" with charts during his time. But the ayanamsa values used by him were proven wrong, a new list was propsed by his heirs and demanded the community to use only the newly proposed list. The new list differs with the old list on many years between 1900 and 2001. Does that mean, the founder was using the wrong values in drafting the chart but still producing results accurately?

2. Until the makings of softwares, KP Astrologers main sources for drafting the chart were the Krishman's KP Ephemeris and Krishman's Table of Houses, until 2000. And for many who could not afford the expensive KP System softwares, for many more years those materials played an important role. Surprisingly, KP Ephemeris ayanamsa list does not match the ayanamsa list proposed in Krishman's Table of Houses. Anyone drafting the chart manually using KP Ephemeris ends up with a Housing System using a different ayanamsa value, unless the astrologer applies his mind and chooses the best one for him out of the two different lists. But, the same astrologers have been making predictions accurately up to minutes-seconds level for their clients for decades. How would it be possible?

3. Apart from the ayanamsa list, private parties proposed different ayanamsa values and continuing predictions successfully for their clients. How do the charts expose proper positions when their foundations are challenged?

4. Besides the figures, charts built on Birth Time Rectification & Longitude/Latitude are also making a big deal in KP Charts. But for decades predictions are claimed to be "Accurate and Successful". How?


  • The founder of KP System, Mr. Krishnamurti's Theory of Stellar Signification holds water.
  • The Stellar theory can be applied in any other system of astrology for greater success.
  • But the materials to be used as proposed by the founder or his followers do not hold water.
  • The founder adapted the Placidus House System, may be because it was gaining popularity in the western countries at his time.
  • The successful KP Astrologers in the industry since the inauguration of KP System of Astrology do not depend on the astronomical accuracy of the chart. They use their intuition, application of external factors like ruling planets, concepts from other sectors, time, place, etc for their success.
  • Finally, the astrologer's experience in reading the chart & his intituion decide the success level of his prediction.

- N.Nachiappan
(Updated on 18.03.2021)