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Astrology Business at its Peak!

Taking astrology as a profession is not an easy job, particularly in South India, because chances are high that you may have a competition next door. This georaphical area of this world has started mass production of astrologers at a rapid speed.

The ugly reality of astrology at this time could be described as below!

How much would it cost to learn astrology?
Rs.3000 (or) USD 40
How much time would it take to become an astrologer?
2 days to 6 days
Where would I go for learning?
You can stay where you are. They will teach you over whatsapp.
How much time would it take to start teaching astrology to others?
Interesting. They award you with title and you can start teaching others astrology right after your graduation, 3rd day or 7th day over youtube and whatsapp.
How much would I charge for consultation?
It depends on how many idiots are waiting in your queue. If the queue is larger, you can increase your consultation fee in multiples of thousands. Believe me, when you start the business, you will have many waiting at your queue.

You can see the astrologers belonging to "amature" group everywhere in Youtube. You know why? Youtube does not charge for uploading videos! These astrologers not only corrupt the original system, but become increasingly dangerous to the society too!

Elements of Astrology

The following components were developed without shaking the foundation and widely accepted across the globe. So we can consider safely that these parts are the building blocks of astrology.

  • Chart with planetary positions
  • House divisions
  • Constellation for Sidereal Astrology

The astrologer's predictions which are composed of assumptions, speculations and experience based on standard rules should revolve around the above building blocks only.

Alas! Your can reach only a certain level with the above process!
You can not predict each and every event in one's life.
You can only paint the picture on the canvas as a rough draft on what one would expect in the future.
If one is going through a rough period, you can analyze and predict how long one would experience this and when would be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!
Thats the maximum you can expect from Astrology!

Astrology as It is!

You can not change events! They will happen! No Remedy!
If you don't want to know in advance, never approach an astrologer, you will have a peaceful and happier life!
Planets and stars are objects in the galaxy, not Gods!
Astronomical objects are used as reference only. They are not Gods!
Religion is no way related to astrology!
Religious beliefs deal with ethical framework for the humans. It has nothing to do with astrology.

Back to square one.

Humans have the uncontrollable curiosity and desire to learn about future. When they were not satisfied with the rough painting, they want to know more in depth and every event that will happen in their life. It is a weakness that humans are born with.

Your weakness is someone's business!

So, astrologers find new ways to satisfy you. But in reality, you pay money for their experiments.

Religion based stories were brought into astrological domain to remember concepts. Eventually the anology was misunderstood and the religious activitis were tied so tightly with astrology. This opened a new avenue for capitalizing the basic fear human mind is built with. When relegion is hooked, there are million ways to infuse permanent threats into the human brain and there are million remedis one can recommend. It is so sad that even clients do not accept their fate and ask for "remedy".

The basic building blocks of astrology were not developed an year ago. They had been designed, analyzed, modified and tested for more than 2000 years before being part of the system. Just think, how many years would it take for a new method to evolve? As of now, new methods are developed and brought in to practice without sufficient testing and benchmarking, putting the clients at risk!

Development of Astrology Systems

KP System or Krishnamurti Paddathi

This is one of the systems sustained severe testing & benchmarking for about 60 years and still rolling! People who take this avenue are required to possess sharper skills in mathematics. Anyone who jumps in randomly will surely feel like a fish out of water and encounter embarrassing situations in front of clients. And this basic requirement filters the so called Unethical Astrologers from entering the system.

It should be clarified that Mr.K.S.Krishnamurti did not develop a new system, but he eliminated many items that he felt unnecessary and expanded the time tested Vimsottari Dasa system to other planets.

He approached his system scientifically without pulling the blocks from the foundation or injecting religion into his system. He founded in 1960 and even after 60 years, it is yet to mature.

People who practice this system claim that they can predict accurately. Unfortunately the equation goes wrong the moment one uses the word "accurate" in astrology. This system is discussed in detail in the article Accuracy of KP System.

Overall, if this system is practiced As taught by the Founder, it bears good results!

DNA Astrology

This method is nothing but an astrology system driven fully on religion beliefs. Its base lies in "Karma Theory" which is the foundation of Religion. It further deals with curse of Stars(!), imprint of Karma in Stars(!), curse of Planets(!).

It is like fairy tales for adults.

Who came up with this idea is not clear. In a youtube video, an young astrolger claims that he developed this idea from an "unknown" person, but there are many astrologers not only practicing but teaching(!) DNA astrology to students.

They can go on talking for hours on the subject! Though it is not difficult to mix astrology concepts on the thousands of religious stories already available in this country, it is indeed a potential quality they possess, an attractive weapon too.

DNA astrologers are so busy now that many people waiting to get an appointment with them which increases their cost of consultation. There are regular consultation (you have to wait endlessly), fast track consultation (you will get consultation within few days!), gold member hours (they will be available within an hour and the clock starts!)

Poor planets and stars! They may have to find a good astrologer for their bad time!

Degree based Astrology

Developed by Mr.GopalaKrishnan ( based on the degrees the planet is deposited in a sign.

This method considers planets are conjoined if they are deposited on the same degree (3 degrees orb) in various signs. Though, it is built on top of the fundamental astrological concepts, it does not give conclusive evidence that why a planet placed on the highest degree in a sign gets more signification.

The planetary conjunctions used based on the degree is similar to the R.G.Rao's proposed Bhirugu Nadi theory. Like Mr.KSK, the founder applies common sense, not to break the fundamental laws, but to play within the boundaries. The founder appears to research and practice "Jamakkol Prasanna (an old tradition)" over promotting his degree based astrology system.

It must be noted that Mr.GK's efforts brought the forgotten method Jamakkol Prasanna back into practice. His books on this subject are very interesting.

Nadi Astrology (Palm-leaf manuscript)

This method gained popularity in the 1990's. The claim is that your life details including your horoscope are written in palm-leaf manuscript and once it is found, then predictions could be found in the subsequent leafs.

Appears to be interesting, since 1990, the astrology world witnessed nadi astrology centers popping up in every city with palm-leaf manuscript copies. Whether these manuscripts are copied from one source or manufactured according to the astrologer is skeptical.

To the core, the process is simple.

  • They take your thumb print. There are proven methods available to find the Ascendant from the thumb print.
  • They will ask you series of questions to figure out the other details.
  • Chart is formed based on the ephemeris.
  • Predictions given based on traditional astrology predominantly on the transit of Jupiter, Saturn and Nodes.

Nadi Astrology (R.G.Rao)

Bhirugu Nadi was the name given to this system as Mr.Rao found roots of this method go to the sage Bhirugu. This is not a complete method as Mr.Rao found only hints of the system in some old scripts. He developed based on his intuition and experience.

It works on the concept of planets in house A is assumed as conjoined with planets in 5th and 9th houses from A. Planets significations are taken for prediction. There is no housing system concept in this system. Ascendant is not considered for prediction.

No doubt, this method does provide some fruitful results. But like the traditional astrology, it can draft predictions to certain level only. If the astrologer and the client are aware of the fact that no system could go beyond that limit, this method would work for both.

- N.Nachiappan
(Updated on 02.01.2021)