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Raja Jothida Ganitham @ Siddhanta Raja Sironmani, 1933 A.D.

Planetary Tables from 3200 B.C. to 3100 A.D.

Considered to be The Math Manual for Indian Astrology, published in 1933 by C.G.Rajan. His substantial research and labour resulted in opening the doors for modern indian astrology. Number of tables were prepared for each planet in order to help users at any level calculating planetary positions between 3200 B.C and 3100 A.D easily with basic knowledge in mathematics.

The present Tables of Planetary Positions extenting over a period of 6300 years have been the fruit of protracted comparative study of Hindu Astronomical tables and the refined calculations of Modern Western Astronomers...... We believe that these tables produced with so great labour and study meet an existing need and trust that they will be found useful for quick and accurate checking and computation.
-Extract from the Review by the newspaper Hindu, dated 31-5-1933

Raja Jothida Ganitham

Unfortunately this books is available only in few libraries across the world and not in the market as the printing had stopped long before.

Alternative solution

Interestingly a book titled "Graha Spuda Ganitham" by S.M.Sadasivam in Tamil published by Indu Publications, Chennai in September 2002 contains identical process and tables. While C.G.Rajan was dealing with Degree-Minute-Second, the author of "Graha Spuda Ganitham" uses decimal equivalent. The same author in his yearly Panchang called "Sabari Panchang" mentions that his work is based on C.G.Rajan's ayanamsa.

It must be noted that these tables can be produced only from an extensive research on astronomical data. Mr.Rajan in his Preface to the "Raja Jothida Ganitham" acknowledged every piece of work that gave input to his preparation of tables. Unfortunately the author of "Graha Spuda Ganitham" mentions neither the sources in the preface nor bibliography at the end. It might have been estensively derived from Mr.C.G.Rajan's work.

Graha Spuda Ganitham

Undisputedly, C.G.Rajan is the father of Modern Indian Astrology!